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"We're ready when you're ready. What is next depends on when you feel called." - Archdiocese of Chicago

Mundelein Seminary, Saint Joseph College Seminary and Quigley Scholars Program 

 Mundelein Seminary | College graduates

Mundelein Seminary prepares candidates for the doicesan priesthood and provides full-time intellectual, spiritual, human and pastoral formation. Learn more about these and other components of Priestly Formation here.

Intellectual formation – for deeper understanding of Catholic faith to proclaim and teach God's Word

Spiritual and Human formation – for growth in prayer, celibate chastity and readiness for diocesan priestly life

Pastoral formation – for readiness for the ministry of priestly leadership with and for others in the Church

Human Formation – for the human personality of the priest is to be a bridgeand not an obstacle for others in their meeting with Jesus Christ the Redeemer of the human race….Human formation is the “necessary foundation” of priestly formation. 

Seminary life offers opportunities for continued discernment, particularly in the first years. It is normal for knowledge of ‘the ways of the Lord’ to increase as preparation for the priesthood is undertaken.

St. Joseph College Seminary | Undergraduate

St. Joseph College Seminary is the undergraduate seminary program of the Archdiocese of Chicago, located on the campus of Loyola University in Chicago. Our faculty, staff, and college seminarians are committed to the formation of a vibrant community centered in the mind and heart of Jesus Christ. Through programs of spiritual formation, apostolic work, and academic excellence, our college seminarians have the opportunity to develop into well-educated, well-balanced Catholic men and to discern the Call to serve the Church and society as Catholic priests.

Quigley Scholars Program | High School men

The Quigley Scholars Program provides support for high school men, who are Catholic in the Archdiocese of Chicago and who have interest in the diocesan priesthood. Scholars attend a monthly formational meeting at St. Joseph College Seminary from September through May, and devote themselves to attendance at Mass, prayer, parish service, and other activities vital to their discernment. The Program is administered by the faculty and staff of St. Joseph College Seminary.

INSEARCH Discernment Group | Post-College men

INSEARCH Discernement Group is a six-month program (October through March) for post-college men with a serious interest in diocesan priesthood. Meetings are held every week in the evenings in downtown Chicago. The benefit of the INSEARCH Discernment Group is that it provides a weekly opportunity to engage the question about priesthood. In addition, a small fraternity develops among the men who participate in INSEARCH, sharing a common bond in the search to gain clarity around the question of priesthood. The program helps men gain clarity in their vocation by discussing discernment and the call of discipleship and priesthood. Priests tell their stories and offer presentations on spirituality and the life of a priest in Chicago. There are weekly prayer times and scripture reflections. A weekend retreat provides participants time and space to explore the movement of God in their lives. INSEARCH encourages spiritual direction for the participant to help him on his spiritual journey. For more information on the INSEARCH Discernment Group, contact Fr. Francis Bitterman at 312-534-8298 -

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