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Pontifical Faculty of Theology



August 26              Fall Semester Begins

September 4         STL Oral Exams

September 6          Mass of the Holy Spirit

September 12        Pontifical Degree Language Exams

September 15        Application Deadline for Spring Semester

October 30             STB Make-Up Exam

November 6           STL Oral Exams

November 13         Doctoral Colloquium

November 22         Thanksgiving Break Begins (after classes)

December 2           Classes Resume

December 9           Patronal Feast Day (no classes)

December 17         Semester Ends after Classes

Dec. 18- Jan. 12      Semester Break



January 13              Spring Semester Begins

January 15              STL Oral Exams

March 26                 STL Oral Exams

March 27                 Pontifical Degree Language Exams

April 2                      Doctoral Colloquium

April 11                    Easter Break Begins (after classes)

April 15                    Application Deadline for Fall Semester

April 22                    Classes Resume

April 23                    STB/M.Div. Part 1 Exam

May 1                       Spring Semester Ends (after classes)

May 3                       University Convocation



June 9-July 18         Summer STL/Liturgical Institute Program

July 16                     STL Oral Exams



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