USML | S.T.B. Program Requirements

Baccalaureate in Sacred Theology (S.T.B.)

S.T.B. Program Requirements

  • Completion of the S.T.B. Core Curriculum with a minimum  cumulative GPA of 3.2 

  • Research Requirement: A student enrolled in the S.T.B. program will select three courses (nine hours) from the existing 3-hour courses that are required by the Dogmatic Theology, Biblical Studies, Spiritual Theology, or Moral Theology departments and that are not introductory courses. In addition to the regular coursework required for each of these courses, the student will write a 15-20 page research paper. The course instructor must approve the topic of the paper and once graded, will submit a graded copy to the Registrar for inclusion in the student’s file.  

  • Successful completion of a Comprehensive Exam that demonstrates the candidate’s mastery of theology.  A list of topics for the exam is given below. A student passes this exam by earning at least a B (86%), and passes “with distinction” when each question receives a grade of A (95%) or higher.

    A student fails the exam if one question receives a failing grade.  Those who fail the examination may be retested once in the area(s) which they failed.

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