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Institute for Diaconal Studies

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Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm

Phone: (847) 837-4563

Fax: (847) 837-4565


Deacon Bob Puhala


(847) 837-4564



Katarzyna (Kasia) A. Kasiarz, M.A.

Associate Director

(847) 970-4981


Rev. Bernard Kennedy, OFM

Director of Spiritual Formation

(847) 837-4562


Deacon Jim Cozzo, Jr. 

Administrative Assistant

(847) 837-4563


Besetzny DeAnne Besetzny

 Administrative Assistant

 (847) 837-4561 


For inquiries regarding the Spanish language program:

Ms. Nelly Lorenzo

Director, Instituto de Liderazgo Pastoral

(847) 837-4557

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