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How to Give

Endowed Funds

An endowed fund can make your influence last for generations. These funds can support students, faculty, programs or building maintenance in perpetuity or over an extended period of time, depending on your specifications.

When you endow a fund, you may name it after yourself, or you may name it to honor and pay tribute to mentors or loved ones.

You may establish an endowed fund in several ways:

  • Donating cash — online or otherwise;
  • Donating securities;
  • Creating a planned gift such as an annuity, charitable remainder trust or by making a bequest in your will;
  • A combination of these options.

Generally, three types of gifts are invested as endowed funds:

True endowed funds are created when a donor instructs Mundelein Seminary to invest a gift to generate spendable resources in perpetuity to fulfill the donor’s intent. The gift is invested within a pool of similar funds, with the objective to generate as much spendable income as possible for the university’s benefit, now and in the future.

Pending endowed funds
You can establish an endowed fund over a period of time, usually in five years, if this time is needed to achieve the minimum funding level for a new endowed fund.

We would be happy to answer your questions about establishing an endowed fund. Please contact the development staff member in your area of interest with your questions.

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