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Canonizations of Pope John Paul II
and Pope John XXIII

Dear Friend,

What an amazing blessing! For the first time in our rich history, two popes will be canonized at the same time!

In April, I have the distinct honor of traveling to Rome for the Canonization of former popes Blessed John XXIII and Blessed John Paul II. I will be there as a correspondent for NBC, following up my work with the network for the conclave that elected Pope Francis almost a year ago.

As you may already know, Pope John Paul II was a tremendous inspiration for my priesthood and efforts in the New Evangelization. He took the work of Pope John XXIII and Vatican II and brought it into new focus for me and my generation.

If you have also been inspired by these two great leaders of our Church, please send me your prayer requests and I will offer them up before these two soon-to-be Saints and ask for their intercession on your behalf. Though you may not be able to be in Rome for this momentous occasion, this is one way that we can share in it together.

Thank you for your generosity. As Rector of Mundelein Seminary, I am charged to teach our seminarians to become priests of great faith and humble service. I am grateful for your support of this important mission, and I humbly ask you to please keep me in your prayers.

God bless you,


Very Reverend Robert Barron

Rector / President

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