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Fr. John G. Lodge

Father Lodge teaches New Testament and especially Pauline literature.  His research led to the first-time application of reader-response theory to the epistolary genre.  Full Bio

Roman 9-11: A Reader-Response Analysis

In Romans 9-11: A Reader-Response Analysis John Lodge takes up a question which has perplexed the Church for ages. 

In chapters 9-11, Paul seems to argue that Israel has been supplanted by the Church, but concludes that all Israel will be saved.

Using postmodern, reader-response literary methods John G. Lodge analyzes those chapters and shows that the implied author of the text is intentionally 'unreliable,' fostering both anti- and pro-Israel viewpoints only to reject both, and thereby forcing readers to confront their own stance toward Israel.

Drawing on the work of Stanley Fish, this book represents the first in-depth application of reader-response methodology to the epistolary genre.

Published as Volume 6 of the University of South Florida International Series in Formative Christianity and Judaism

Scholars Press, 1996, 243 pages

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